Friday, March 2, 2018

Images of BCABHOF Inductees

A Never Ending Story: By Brian Zelley.

Alan Brown * Vic Murdoch * Bran Zelley
Photo 1984.
Alan is in the Junior/Youth category, Vic is
in the Pioneer class Brian is in the boxer class.

Since 2010 about 120 Inductees have been selected  for the BC Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame beginning with 15 in year one 2010 and ten more in year two 2011.  More have been added  up to 2018 with eight names including one club named "2 Rivers Boxing Club° of Quesnel. BC  The seven individual are:
Barry Krangle, Bob Decker, Brian Zelley, Clarke McLellan,
Dave Wylie, Rudy Bianco and Wayne Boyce

Coach Barry Krangle and boxer Tony Duffy.

Administratos Alfred Cool and Mehran "Hotstuff" authorized the selection in January 2018.

Over the years some categories have been added since 2010 when there were ten boxers and five builders inducted from 50 nominations The builders are Dave Brown, Elio Ius, Fred Fuller,
Pat O'Reilly and Rick Brough. The boxers are
Eddie Haddad, Harold Mann, Jimmy Walters,
Dick Findlay, Dale Walters and  Manny Sobral.,
Frank Scott,  Fred Desrosier, Fredddy Fuller,
Chris Ius,

Freddy Fuller, Eddie Haddad, Frank Scott.
Dale Walters, Dick Findlay and Fred Desrosiers

Yeat Two 2011



Billy Townsend, William J. Finlay
Jimmy McMillan, Jamey Ballard,
Bob Pegues, Jeff Yule, Harry Twist,
1994Commonwealth Games - Boxing.

1994 Commonwealth Games - boxing.


Eddie Mulhern, Scotty Jackson, 
Barry Creswell and John Skanks,
Geronimo Bie, Kenny Lally, Ken MacDonald
(honourary *** Muhamkad Ali, Jimmy Mclarnin
and George Chuvalo).

Eddie Mulhern


Boyd Bayne * Ed Williams * 
Shirley and Sid Knopp,
Ray Beaulieu, Scott Galloway,
Steve Woodvafnd Steven Kodiak.
(honourary: Asif Dar, Ian Clyde and Scotty Olson)

Allan Stockdale * Arnold McEwen * Leif Albrechtsen *
Mickey Sims * Mike Moore *  Tommy Yule * 
(honourary - Domenic Filane Figliomeni * :Jerry Shears *
Lennox Lewis * Mike Strange)
Vancouver's Firefighters/South Hill Boxing Club.

Groupnghoto with Bert Lowes and Pat West
Freddy Fuller * Dick Findlay * Dave Wylie
Brian Zelley * Gordie Lawson * Jimmy Walters
John Gamble * Frank Sctt * Lindy Lindmoser 

                                              Arnold McEwen and friends

Mickey Sims

Barry Krangle, Bob Decker, Brian Zelley
Clarke McLellan, Dave Wylie, Rudy Bianco,
Wayne Boyce, 2 Rivers Boxing Club.

Bob Decker coach and boxer Gary Ferrari.

Friday, December 30, 2016


                                                                  2017 Inductee

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017Inductee: Arnold McEwen

                                                           Arnold McEwen
                                    Builder, 2017 Inductee

Mickey Sims, Inductee 2017

                                                      BCABHOF Inductee, Mickey Sims


  BC Amateur Boxing
      Hall of Fame

Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Inductees

2016 BCABHoF Inductees
* Authorized by Brian Zelley and Mehran Hotstuff

Inductees:Boyd Bayne, Ed Williams, Shirley and Sid Knopp
(honourary) Asif Dar, Ian Clyde and Scotty Olson
special: Ray Beaulieu, Scott Galloway, Steven Kodiak and Steve Wood.
Other: 1970 Senior BC boxing team for Nationals,
and North West Eagles Boxing Club.

                                      Asif Dar, honourary inductee

                       Ian Clyde, honourary inductee

                   Scotty Olson, hÅ“nourary inductee

                     North West Eagles Boxing Club

Some of the key builders: Tommy Paonessa, Elio and Mel Ius, and Terry Cooke


Ray Beauleu, builder
Founding member of BCABHoF